Scooter rental in Lipari

Scooter rental in Lipari

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Tour round Lipari by scooter

Do you want to visit Lipari independently? Rent a scooter from El Sueño. Forget the long queues for public transport or taxis under the hot sun. The owners Angelo and Giuseppe will guide you in the choice of scooter and the places to visit to make your scooter experience of Lipari unforgettable!


Whether you choose a day trip or take part in a tour lasting a few days, Lipari is the place for you!


It is the beach closest to Lipari’s main town. It is 3 kilometers away and is characterized by a long, volcanic sand beach.

Pumice Quarries

The old pumice quarries are located on the northern coast of the island. In fact, this stone was extracted from the 1960s, while obsidian was already quarried in prehistoric times. In any case, the quarries have now been completely abandoned, and are surrounded by beaches of astounding beauty where you can have unforgettable swims.

Relax in the crystal clear waters at the ex White Beach.

Serra Pirrera reserve

If you want to visit the interior of the island we recommend the Serra Pirrera reserve, in an ancient volcano that has been extinct for a few centuries.


West of the pumice quarries, this quiet village has a long beach with umbrellas and sun beds. There is also Porticello, at the heart of the pumice quarry area which is characterized by crystal-clear waters. From here, the main road goes toward the wilder eastern coast, with its deserted but spectacular beaches such as Le Puntazze.

Chiesa Vecchia (the Old Church) Quattropani

In the hillside village of Quattropani, further away from the coast, this small church exudes peace and tranquility. The square and surrounding gardens offer a spectacular view over the islands of Salina, Filicudi, Alicudi, Panarea and Stromboli.

Belvedere Quattrocchi

Just four kilometers away from the historic centre you will find the most famous spot of the island. Belvedere Quattrocchi is the most spectacular panoramic spot on the island, from which you can admire the southern coast of the island that you can only reach by boat. The surrounding landscape is characterized by typical mediterranean plants such as agave and prickly pears. If you wish to swim you can walk down to the beach of Valle Muria.

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Scooter rental in Lipari
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