duration 8 hours (approximately) Departure from Lipari

Explore the Aeolian Islands in a rubber dinghy

A ride in a rubber dinghy is fun. It can carry between six and sixteen people, however we don’t recommend it if you get easily sea sick or if your main goal is to sunbathe on board. Rental charges do not include fuel. An alternative to a rubber dinghy which is just as easy to govern is a boat in fiberglass. You do not need to have a boat license, however it is recommended you have some experience. It can carry up to seven people. The rental point is in Lipari, Marina Corta.


Enjoy the Aeolian Islands from a privileged point of view

The sea, free and completely safe. El Sueño offers you the possibility of renting safe and comfortable boats.

Fun, comfortable, safe

A tour of Lipari by boat is an essential part of a holiday on the Aeolian Islands.

Recommended tours and experiences

Renting a rubber dinghy is ideal for a long day at sea, perhaps visiting Panarea, Salina or Vulcano from Lipari.

Rubber dinghy or boat?


El Sueño is open all day, every day, from Monday to Sunday between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. Get your estimate free of charge!

Recommended itineraries

Tour round Lipari

Starting from Lipari and sailing northwards, you can admire incredibly beautiful places such as Canneto, the White Beach, the Pumice Quarries, Spiaggia dei Gabbiani or Seagull Beach. You will sail past the wonderful grottos and bays on the western coast, and admire the incredible seabed. Sailing south you will need to be careful of the semi-hidden “Formiche” rocks south-south west between the bays of Valle Muria and Vinci. The scenery here is made even more spectacular by the Faraglioni.

Tour round Vulcano

The island is most famous for its crater and mud baths, but it offers a lot more, such as the Valley of the Monsters, the mermaid rock, the black sandy beach from Punta Bandiera to Gelso, the Grotta del Cavallo or horse grotto, the Venus pool and the beach known as “Sabbie Nere” or black sands.

Tour round Panarea

There are many islets near Panarea which are fun to sail round before stopping for a swim in Cala Bianca, Cala degli Zimmari, Scoglio la Nave and the beautiful bay of Calajunco.

Tour round Salina

This tour offers views over high rocky cliffs, full of grottos and bays and rock arches. We recommend visiting the beach in Punta Brigantino, Guardiano del Porto and Pollara. .

A whole day in Lipari on a boat or rubber dinghy

The perfect solution is to hire a rubber dinghy for a whole day and sail through the crystal clear waters of the archipelago, visiting the beaches that you prefer!

What is included

Boat with sundeck, awning, ladder, electric starter, ice box. Rental of the boat begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 6 p. m.

What is not included



Extra information

Experience at sea since in high season the seas around the Aeolian Islands tend to be very busy. The meeting point is the port in Marina Corta, Lipari. Ask Giuseppe! +393472880606

The cost of fuel is to be paid separately, depending on consumption at the end of the day.

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